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Custom Packing & Unpacking Services

If you have any prior moving experience, you may know how laborious packing and unpacking is. All homeowners find it very challenging as it is a unique experience for them. Kang Van Lines is a top-rated moving company that assures a completely worry-free moving experience by providing customized packing & unpacking services in Montreal, QC. To avoid any possible damage to the fragile items, you can count on our professionally trained experts for your packing and unpacking needs.

The anticipation of your next move may excite you for quickly gathering your belongings, but it may result in any damage without professional assistance. Our moving crew has vast experience in safely packing all your items fast and unpacking them efficiently when you reach the destination.

Professional packing Services in Montreal, QC

An uphill battle of saving the grace of your items is an impossible task for you. Kang Van Lines offers affordable and professional packing services in Montreal, QC, to make it convenient for you. Our team of professionals is adept at excellently packing your valuable items. We utilize the suitable packing material and boxes to ensure that your items remain safe even if external factors put huge pressure. Our moving personnel is professional and experienced in identifying the product’s nature and arranging proper boxes for the items. We will keep you at peace and ease if you depend upon our craftsmanship.

Packing Services Montreal, QC

We offer the best packers and experienced movers in Montreal, QC, as part of our full-service moving company. When hiring Kang Van Lines, you can rest assured that we will do the job right.

Our team of experts can pack either a couple of things or your entire home or office. Prior to moving day showing up, we will go over the process with you, make a list of things needed to be packed, and talk about some other services you might require. We recommend packing should be done before moving day, and we suggest booking our Packing Services Montreal, QC in advance. With years of experience packing boxes, we are your go-to Full-Service Movers.

Schedule Packing Services in Montreal, QC With a Pro

things, and Individual things. We suggest that you keep precious and significant things with you.

Kang Van Lines will overview your things and get packing material to guarantee security for your things when we show up to your home, office, or condo. Most importantly, calling us can ensure confidence that you have settled on the ideal choice.

Professional Unpacking Services Montreal, QC By Experts

Moving is difficult work, and you want your new home or office functioning quickly. We don’t all have the days and weeks to unpack. Kang Van Lines can assist you with getting your new place organized and feeling like home or office instantly. Our team of communicative experts has years of experience in delivering reliable and timely unpacking services Montreal, QC.


To guarantee a smooth unpacking process, we will:


  • Make a moving plan that incorporates unpacking plans
  • Name all loaded things on boxes with the room they are to be unloaded in
  • Mark any delicate things to guarantee that they are unpacked carefully
  • Place all furniture to your specifications


Reliable Unpacking Services

Unpacking can be the scariest part of the move. You might be feeling lost even before you start. Where do you begin? What amount of time will this require? At Kang Van Lines, we aim to provide you peace of mind by delivering unpacking services in Montreal, QC, at competitive prices.

Our packing and unpacking moving experts in Montreal, QC, specialize in unpacking your items after the move is done. If you need help unpacking a few boxes or for the entire home or office, Kang Van Lines is here to help! We love hearing feedback from our clients; therefore, we will get back to you after moving.

Professional Unpacking Services in Montreal, QC

Moving and unpacking take longer than anticipated. Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, different hassles are associated with unpacking. Let Kang Van Lines take care of the headache and difficulties associated with unpacking.  Our team of experience unpackers has years of experience to provide our clients with professional unpacking services in Montreal, QC. We customize our quality services to ensure our clients get the services they actually need.


We are here to take away all the stress on moving days; therefore, we follow a proper unpacking process for a smooth experience. Whether it’s unpacking your entire home or office for you, or just unpacking up a few small items, we’re ready to help.

Our Promise To All Customers

Are you almost at the end to begin your move? Kang Van Lines is here for your assistance to pack your items in the quickest manner. Our professionals will take on the job and make a checklist of the items to pack. Our highly professional and experienced specialists will finish the work for you within a minimum timeframe. In order to handle all of your packing needs, here are a few things that we promise to our customers:
  • Convenience when we work
  • Safety of your items
  • Professional packing
  • Licensed & insured movers
  • Boxes of all size
  • Bubble wrap & packing paper
  • Quick unpacking

Why Choose Us

We have spent years in the industry helping our customers in their move. Our experienced professionals find it as easy as pie to meet packing and unpacking needs. We can continuously deliver a service that our customers love by sticking to these core values:

We understand the fragility of some household items that need care and attention when we pack or unpack them. We bring proper boxes and packing material that ensures safety of your items.

Our movers are regularly trained to provide the utmost safety and security for all of your goods, and we make sure everything runs smoothly and safely. Since our inception, we have always kept our service at high quality and pricing at the lowest, so our customers do not face any trouble.